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Performance by Inger-Reidun Olsen

Duration: 21 minutes 

May 12th 2016 at MODO in Córdoba in Spain.
Co-organized by Combo / La Fragua Residency.

May 26th 2016 at Centro Párraga in Murcia in Spain. Co-organized by Abierto de Acciòn. NORWAY TO SPAIN (2016).

Video link: here! 

This work was created through the exploration of insight-meditation methode, exploring traveling to Spain in my inner imagination - visiting the places that I was going to travel to, to perform. In the medistation I was asking specific questions and from the answers I got, the site specific performance was delveloped. 

I figured out later, that in the time when I was doing the meditations there was and ongoing debate about animal welfare in Spain.  

                                                                                              Photos: Lydia Olivares - AtlanLy

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