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Re-Action (2009-2011)

Re-Action is a series of performances exploring issues related to power. The project resides at the intersection of contemporary dance and performance art and are taking place in different spaces and situations outdoors and indoors. Each performance holds various numbers of performers where the body and movement actions, scenographic materials and sound is the core material and mediator to create situastions dan images.    

Residencies at: Scenerommet in Vestfossen and Museo Experimental El Eco, in Mexico City

Funded by Norwegian Art Council, FLB, FFUK and Stikk.no

Performances performed at:
Museo Experimental El Eco, in Mexico City (MX), 2010
Gallery NO. (now NOospehere Arts), in New York City (US), 2011
Gallery Pushwagner in Oslo (NO). Curated by Thale Fastvold, 2011
BOA Gallery, in Oslo (NO). Curated by Thale Fastvold, 2012  
Gallery 69, in Oslo (NO). Curated by Tanja Thorjussen, 2012
PAO festival in Oslo, 2012
Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, i Vestfossen (NO), 2011
Vestfossen Centre for Contemporary Art, 2010

You will find images from selected performances below. Names of contributors you will find listed under each performance 

                                                                       Photo: André Wulf
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