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        CoSA-Concerning the Spiritual in Art (2017-2022)
        CoSA garden/Pollinary Dances (NO/RU)
        Pollinary Dances - Initiation Performance (CoSA)                       Jordtone (Earth tone)      

        Reflections with Clay               
        Jeg graver (I am digging)                     
        SUBSUS #2        
        One Two T(h)ree        
        Tree Talks (CoSA)               
        SHAKE THE MOUNTAIN! (CoSA)        
        Steilneset - Closing Ritual (CoSA)         
        SUBSUS #1      
        Traces of a Stone (CoSA)                       
        Action at a distance        
        Áhkánjárstábba - RE-visiting (CoSA)        
        To the root -As if we... (CoSA)
        Vesen (Creature)    
        Áhkánjárstábba (CoSA)      
        Hill of the Muses (CoSA)                 
        Monte Verità (CoSA)              

        Fossum (CoSA)  

        we ARE one
        DADA Street       
        MVM&EXCHANGE 4Y4 

        Archive 2014-2005


Tree Talks

By LATERNA // Marianne Skjeldal and Inger-Reidun Olsen

A practice that is part of CoSA – Concerning the Spiritual in Art project.
From 2018-2021 through all four seasons, the Tree Talks project will visit four old, prominent and venerable city trees in Oslo. Through meditation and other methods, we spend time and enter dialogue with each tree.
LATERNA has invited four other artists, one for each tree; Ingvild Langgård, Terje Tjøme Mossige, Fernanda Branco and Pernille Bønkan. In addition, Sara Rönnbäck and Daniel Slåttnes will be involved in all the meetings throughout the period. Based on the ‘conversations’ with the tree, we develop responses in the form of performative work that we invite the audience onboard to experience.  

LATERNA is Inger-Reidun Olsen and Marianne Skjeldal. Tree Talks seek out to find alternative entering points to choreography. Their practice strives to allow something to occur – rather than always focusing on producing, and to experience a different spending of time.

During three weeks in September 2020, LATERNA, Terje Tjøme Mossige and Fernanda Branco shared the collaboration that they have done with the old Copper Beech at Our Saviour’s Cemetery. 

More sharings will come in Spring 2021. 

Valnøtt treet                                         Lønnetreet                                           Linden                                                    Blodbøken 

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