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'CoSA Garden // Pollinary Dances - Black Box teater', Oslo (NO). 2018-2022
A project by LATERNA // Marianne Skjeldal and Inger-Reidun Olsen

CoSA Garden BBt – involves the vertical, outdoor garden wall that we will build on the façade of Black Box teater in 2022. The Garden Wall is a visionary green supplement to the local community, a living art work, a green lunge, a place to make a pause, to meet people, inviting to interaction between plants, humans and pollinators, through various activities towards different communities and the neighborhood surrounding the theatre - through an extended Pollinary Dance. 

The garden wall will be built  in collaboration with Skajaa Arkitekter, engineer Michael Lommertz and Sempergreen (NL). Also involved in the project as collaborators are Unikum AS and artists-and gardeners Ingeborg S.Olerud and Fernanda Branco.

2019 - Satellite plant parcels
As part of the 'Pollinary Dances', pyramid shaped herb-and plant parcels have arrived in the foyer at Black Box teater. The plant parcels are satellites to the coming garden wall and were designed and built June 2019 in collaboration with artists Bill Mobech and Kristjan Belgau. The plant parcels are meant as an invitation for visitors to engage with plants, care and hope in these precarious times, as an ongoing tender laboratory. In one of the parcels a special made card deck with scores is placed proposing different ways to interact with the plants. Supported by two plant alchymists, spagyric elixirs will also be made from the foyer herb garden.

Other ‘Pollinary Dances’ activities at BBt are; initiation performance, neighbour meetings, workshops and seminar.

Involved artists:
LATERNA (Marianne Skjeldal and Inger-Reidun Olsen)
Ingeborg S.Olerud
Fernanda Branco
Bill Mobech
Kristjan Belgau
Lisa Jeannin
Rolf Schuurmans.

Black Box teater
Skajaa Arkitekter
Bollinger + Grohmann /Michael Lommertz
Randi Nystrøm
Unikum AS/Riikka Storck/Bjørn Larsson

The project is supported by: Norwegian Arts Council, KORO// LOK, Black Box teater, Oslo Kommune Grønne Midler and Bydel Grünerløkka. 

Pollinary Dances Activities - Communities with people, plants and others: 

Pollinary Dances - Plant Parcell Activation Scores

Pollinary Dances Initiation Performance

Pollinary Dances - Workshop for Kids : Plants with LATERNA

Pollinary Dances - Seed bomb workshop

Pollinary Dances - Neighbour meetings

Seminar: Ecological Care

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