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Seminar: Ecological Care

September 5th 2020 16:00–17:00
Foyer (Black Box teater)
Free admission

Conversation: Ecological Care, Conversation with Margrethe Pettersen, LATERNA and Liv Brissach fra OCA.

As part of Green September – activities and conversations around plants, ecology and sustainability at Black Box teater:

How can artistic practices alter our understanding of the current climate crisis as well as open up new perspectives about ecological sustainability and care?

The topic for the conversation is the relationship between human and non-human life forms, ecological care, sustainability and political action. The conversation will promote multidisciplinary perspectives on art, science and politics, and will investigate a number of correlated issues: Can a "post-anthropocenic" mindset, operating beyond the human experience, be a liberating practice ?

This conversation originates from Black Box theater's artistic program in September, where various life forms, plants and ecology are being investigated by several artists:

The artist duo LATERNA (Inger Reidun Olsen and Marianne Skjeldal) work with living materials, such as plants and trees - which is the starting point for their performance and installation work. Central to their artistic practice is to examine the meeting point between man and nature. LATERNA are associated artists at Black Box teater. In 2020-2021, LATERNA and Black Box teater will collaborate on a long-term project – CoSA Garden in the theater's foyer and a garden wall that will grow on the theater's facade during spring 2021.

The talk is led by art historian and writer Liv Brissach. Brissach has an education from the University of Oslo (MA) and University College London (BA). As a freelance writer, Brissach has written for Art Criticism, Visual Arts and the Munch Museum, among other things. She works with programs and publications at the Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA).

This seminar is part of CoSA-Concerning the Spiritual in Art, Part 2, 2018-2021.

Missioned and organized by: Black Bos teater.

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